Ultimate Hair Volume Combo Pack

What makes Fusion Sea Salt Spray so effective?

Fusion Sea Salt Spray is the perfect styling product to add body and volume to men's hair. This unique formula deposits natural salt particles onto the strands of hair to add texturizing volume as well as frizz control without compromising your desired style. Not only does this product offer protection from humidity, but the salt layer also absorbs moisture to create that sought-after matte finish.

Additionally, Fusion Sea Salt Spray can help gentlemen maintain their desired hairstyle as it provides a light hold without leaving the hair overly sticky or crunchy. Take your style to new heights and experience the benefits Fusion Sea Salt Spray can have for your hair and style!

What are the benefits of Styling Clay?

Bentonite clay-based Styling Clay is an ideal option for men looking to add ultimate body and volume to their hair. This lightweight, non-greasy styling clay allows you to quickly shape your hair to your desired style without weighing it down.

Styling Clay is applied at the roots of the hair to create lift resulting in a voluminous, denser appearance. Furthermore, bentonite clay gives hair more texture, allowing men to create hairstyles with ease while controlling unwanted frizz.

Styling Clay is a versatile water-based product that gives men the ability to manipulate and style their hair into a desired shape or look with minimal effort and mess. Some of the key advantages of Styling Clay include its lasting hold, natural-looking finish, matte texture, and ability to produce volume and definition to the hair.

Overall, Styling Clay is a very popular hair styling product for men making it one of the most versatile tools in any man’s grooming arsenal!

The Result? Ultimate Volume and Pliable Hold

Using Fusion Sea Salt Spray and Styling Clay together for men who want to add more volume to their hair creates an incredibly textured and voluminous end result. The combination of these two power styling products together gives a strong, pliable hold that will last all day long without feeling uncomfortable.

Fusion Sea Salt Spray adds texture and body to the hair, while Styling Clay adds extra hold, making it easier to style the hair. Together, they work in synergy to ensure the volumizing effect is amplified which results in maximum body with a natural matte finish that won’t look greasy or weighed down.

This combination also works well for men with thinning hair as it helps to give the illusion of thicker-looking or denser hair. Men who desire to add volume to straight and wavy hair types as well as fine, normal, and thick hair textures or hair that is thinning will be pleased with the combination of Sea Salt Spray and Styling Clay and the volumizing results it produces.

Look and feel your best with the Ultimate Volume Combo Pack. Add this to your daily grooming routine!

Pro Tip:

To maximize ultimate volume for men's hair, apply Fusion Sea Salt Spray to dry or damp hair. Blow dry and add Styling Clay to achieve enhanced volume, definition, and hold. Style to create the look that others envy!