Best Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair | 30 Hairstyles for Men to Improve the Appearance of Low Hair Density

Best Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair | 30 Hairstyles for Men to Improve the Appearance of Low Hair Density

Gentlemen, do you have thinning hair?

You are not alone. About 40% of men have some degree of thinning hair by the time they reach age 35. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot find an amazing hairstyle for your thin hair! We want to help you look and feel great with our guide on ideas on how to style your thin hair.

With the help of the following methods, tricks, and techniques, you will be able to make your thinning hair appear denser than ever before. Our tutorial is jam-packed with easy-to-follow examples of hairstyles and steps so that men may learn how to style their thinning hair. Choosing the proper styling products can also go a long way in resolving the problem of achieving your hairstyle goals with the right hairstyles for men with thinning hair.

We've created this guide of hairstyles specifically for guys who are looking for ways to add volume and the appearance of a thicker density to their thinning hair. Understanding the type of thin hair as well as the texture that you have is also very important as it will allow you to choose the correct styling products to achieve the thicker, denser look that you desire.

Before we proceed to recommendations on styling thin or thinning hair, let us review three key concepts in men's hair: hair density, hair texture, and hair type. Understanding these concepts will help in setting styling goals as well as choosing the correct hair products needed to achieve these goals.

Men's Hair Density

Hair density is defined as the number of hair strands per square inch of the scalp. Strands of hair that are located in closer proximity present having a dense or a "thick" head of hair. Conversely, hair strands that are located farther apart give the appearance of hair that is less dense or hair that is thin or thinning.

Men's thinning hair is something that can often be seen as a sign of aging, but there are also a variety of other conditions that can be the culprit. Hair loss in men can be caused by mental and physical health issues, hormonal imbalance, genetics, lack of proper nutrition, or even from high levels of stress.

In most cases, it is believed to be linked to a genetic hereditary pattern referred to as male pattern baldness also known as androgenetic alopecia. Heredity hair loss accounts for the most common form of thinning or balding where men experience a receding hairline along with thinning hair at the crown of the head. Hormonal changes cause men to produce excess dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which weakens and shrinks hair follicles leading to more strands of hair that fall out. Over time, the hair follicle is miniaturized and hair will not grow to replace the hair that has fallen out.

 Illustration of men's high hair density demonstrating how closely together the strands of hair are located

Hair strands that are located closer together give the appearance of a highly dense head of hair.

Illustration of low men's hair density defined as the number of hair strands per square inch of the scalp

Low-density men's hair is characterized by the hair strands being located farther apart giving the appearance of hair that is thinning.

Now that hair density is understood, let us review the different hair types men have.

Men's Hair Types

Men's hair types are classified into four categories. They are:

  • Straight Hair - Type 1 hair
  • Wavy Hair - Type 2 hair
  • Curly Hair - Type 3 hair
  • Coily Hair - Type 4 hair

Men's Straight Hair - Type 1

Type 1 men's hair, also known as straight hair, is a form of hair that has a smooth surface to the touch. Straight men's hair is usually glossy and sleek in appearance and lays flat on the scalp. It lacks natural volume and is oily due to the oil from the scalp having a direct path to the tip end of the hair.

Illustration of a straight hair type for menMen's Wavy Hair -Type 2

Wavy hair or type 2 hair for men is a wonderful blend of straight and curly hair types. Wavy hair for men stands out in comparison to both straight and curly hair types because the hair has S-shaped waves or patterns throughout its length, which provides movement and prevents frizziness or over-dryness. Men who have wavy hair have more natural volume than those with straight hair and wavy hair is not as oily due to the hair's natural pattern.

Illustration of a wavy hair type for menMen's Curly Hair - Type 3

Men with curly hair or type 3 hair have hair has a springy, corkscrew-like shape. Because the scalps natural oils are unable to travel down from the root to the tip end of the hair, curly hair is drier than straight or wavy hair. Curly hair has natural volume.

Illustration of a curly men's hair type

Men's Coily Hair - Type 4

Coily hair is classified as type 4, or kinky hair. Coily hair can have tight zigzag "Z" patterns that begin at the root and extend to the end tip of the hair. Hair shrinkage occurs as a result of the curl types tight coils, which makes it appear shorter than it is. Natural oils from the scalp are unable to flow down this curl type's tightly wound coils due to their tautness resulting in coily hair being the driest and most fragile kind of hair type.

Illustration of a coily men's hair type

Men's Hair Texture

Men's hair texture is the circumference of an individual strand of hair. There are three types of hair textures that men have. They are:

  • Fine
  • Normal
  • Thick (Coarse)

Men's Fine Hair Texture

Fine hair is often confused with thin hair. Fine hair, compared to normal or thick hair, has the smallest hair circumference. Men who have fine hair often have hair that is oily in nature and find that it prefers to lay close on the scalp with little volume.

Illustration of a fine hair texture for men 

Men's Normal Hair Texture

Normal hair is the hair circumference between fine and thick. Normal hair is the most common hair texture in men.

Illustration of normal hair texture for men 

Men's Thick Hair Texture

Thick or coarse hair texture has the largest circumference of all hair textures. Thick hair is tolerant to styling aids and resists breakage. However, thick hair is prone to frizz.

Illustration of men's thick hair texture

We can now turn our attention to men's hairstyles for thin hair after reviewing hair density, men's hair types, and hair texture. Having a grasp on these three elements will aid in the selection of the ideal styling products for men with thin hair as well as choosing the correct hairstyles. It also aids in understanding the upkeep necessary for men with thin hair or thinning hair to keep it healthy and nourished.

Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair by Hair Type

Men's Hairstyles Thin Straight Hair

Gentlemen who have thin, straight hair have type 1 hair with low hair density. Straight hair has a greater tendency to be oily and lay closer to the scalp. Men with thin straight hair will want to focus on adding body and volume to their hairstyles.

Buzz Cut

Man in a charcoal sportcoat demonstrating a buzz cut for men who have straight, thinning hair

For men dealing with thinning hair, a buzz cut hairstyle can be an excellent solution. This hairstyle is effortless to maintain and instantly gives the appearance of more hair. A buzz cut also allows men to showcase the details of their faces while concealing any evidence of thinning locks. Best of all, it's a style that looks great on men of all ages and leaves them feeling confident throughout their day-to-day activities.


Illustration of a man in a white dress shirt and sport coat with glasses demonstrating a comb-over hairstyle for men who have straight, thinning hair

The combover is a classic men's hairstyle that has stood the test of time as it exudes style and professionalism. Men that use this method of styling thinning hair have the advantage of flattering any face shape while being low maintenance. With countless variations available, men can find the perfect look that fits their personality while embracing their thinning hair as part of their style instead of avoiding it.

Medium-Length Brushback

A man with black hair and a serious face demonstrating a brushback hairstyle for men with straight, thinning hair

Unlike many men's hairstyles that emphasize fullness and density, a brushback is all about clean lines and subtle angles. The longer length allows men to style it in a way that camouflages any patches of thinning hair without requiring them to go too short. Additionally, the style keeps men looking groomed and polished while also emphasizing facial features like cheekbones and jawbones. All in all, men with thinning hair can look classy and feel good knowing they're still able to look their best.

Angular Fringe

A man in a teal sweater with black hair smiling and demonstrating a angular fringe hairstyle for men with straight, thinning hair

The angular fringe gives men some extra added volume on top that works well to minimize the effect of thinner hair underneath. Ultimately, men with thinning hair can benefit immensely from choosing a medium-length angular fringe as an alternative hairstyle that won't compromise their desired appearance.

Mid-Length Undercut

Gentleman in a wine colored suit with a longer beard demonstrating a medium-length undercut for men who have straight, thinning hair

A mid-length undercut hairstyle for men with thinning hair can provide a great deal of versatility and confidence. By opting for an undercut look, men don't have to worry as much about their lack of volume as the focus is on keeping the sides close-cropped while allowing the top to remain somewhat fuller. This look can help men feel comfortable and confident while letting them express their individual style with various styling techniques.

Styling Aids for Men's Thin Straight Hair

Men who have thin, straight hair would benefit from the use of a Sea Salt Spray as this styling aid provides needed volume and texture to straight, thinning hair. A lightweight Texture Cream would also assist in adding volume while adding dimension to the hair. Also, a Styling Clay would be a great choice to add body to thin straight hair for those who prefer a stronger hold. Additionally, styling clays contain bentonite clay which is also beneficial for the scalp.

Men with thin hair should avoid using styling products that add unnecessary weight such as thick hair gels, oil-based pomades, or thick styling pastes. These products can make matters worse by adding a heaviness causing the low-density hair to appear even thinner than it is.

Pro Tip-

Utilize a Sea Salt Spray as a primer to be used with another styling aid such as a Texture Cream. After applying the Sea Salt Spray, gently heat style and apply the Texture Cream for a look that adds volume and dimension to the thin straight hair.

Maintenance Tips for Thin Straight Hair

Straight hair is often oily due to the natural path the oil has from the scalp to the tip end of the hair. Due to this, it is a good idea to shampoo frequently. In addition, the use of a moisturizing conditioner a couple of times per week will help in keeping the hair looking healthy and nourished.

Men's Hairstyles Thin Wavy Hair

Men who have thin, wavy hair have hair with low density as well as hair that is between straight and curly hair. Wavy hair is type 2 hair and men who have been blessed with wavy hair can create many different cool styles! Wavy hair has more natural volume than straight hair and is not as oily.

The following hairstyles for men with thin, wavy hair offer variety as well as functionality for this specific hair type.

Wavy Fade 

A man in a long sleeve shirt with dark hair demonstrating a wavy fade hairstyle for men who have wavy, thinning hair

For men with wavy, thinning hair, a wavy fade hairstyle is an excellent and stylish choice. The distinct shape of the waves helps to add volume and depth to men’s hair that disguises lower hair density areas. Unlike other men’s hairstyles that can lack body, this style gives men’s hair bounce and fullness.

Wavy Forward Tousled Hairstyle 

A man in a green shirt with grey hair demonstrating a wavy tousled forward hairstyle for men who have wavy, thinning hair

For men with wavy, thinning hair, a wavy forward tousled hairstyle can be an ideal look to create. This style helps men get the most out of their thinning hair because it allows them to maintain a fuller-looking appearance by utilizing natural volume from the waves as well as disguising a receding hairline. This stylish look can be worn casually or dressed up for more formal occasions and is one of the best hairstyles for thin hair.

Short Sides Wavy Top 

Man in a blue pinstripe sport coat and aviator sunglasses demonstrating a short sides wavy top hairstyle for men who have thin, wavy hair

A short sides and wavy top look will flatter thinning hair with its simplicity, texture, and volume. As the sides are cut shorter to create contrast with the slightly tousled waves at the top, this low-maintenance look can give off an effortless confidence.

Beachy Waves 

A man in a mauve shirt with blonde hair demonstrating a beachy waves hairstyle for men who have wavy, thinning hair

For men with wavy, thinning hair, a beachy waves hairstyle provides an ideal solution. This trendy style emphasizes the natural wave of men's hair, giving it more definition and body to help counteract the appearance of thinning hair. With this style, men can have confidence knowing that their hair looks denser and "thicker" than it is. Additionally, the beachy waves hairstyle works well with a variety of face shapes and men can opt for anything from a classic surfer look to modern long locks. Best of all, men can easily achieve this look in just minutes which is perfect for busy lifestyles!

Wavy Shag 

A man in a professional sport coat with longer blonde wavy hair demonstrating a wavy shag hairstyle for men who wavy wavy, thinning hair

The shaggy layers create volume and bounce, instantly disguising any problem areas men may have with their thinning hair. It even provides natural texture for movement and depth that works to enhance men's best features. The uncomplicated and timeless style complements men's faces of all shapes and sizes, making the wavy shag an easy-to-style choice that men can enjoy for years to come.

Styling Aids for Men's Thin Wavy Hair

The best hairstyles for men with thin, wavy hair can be achieved by using the following products. Sea Salt Spray is a great choice as a foundational product as it can enhance the natural hair texture without over-drying. This product can be used alone or in combination with a styling product such as a Texture Cream which will add a pliable volume to wavy hair without making it feel heavy. Styling Clays with bentonite clay can add a stronger hold as well as complement the wavy hair type by adding definition to the hair.

Men should stay away from thick, heavy styling aids. Examples of these include hair gels as well as oil-based pomades. These products add dreaded weight and can offer a less-than-desirable outcome. Remember, choose products that offer volume and complement the type of hair that you have.

Pro Tip-

Wavy hair is a dynamic hair type that offers flexibility. However, men with thin hair need to add volume to their style. Apply a Sea Salt Spray and gently blow-dry for a rough texture look that provides flexibility and needed volume.

Maintenance Tips for Thin Wavy Hair

Men who have thin wavy hair do not need to shampoo as frequently as those with straight hair due to wavy hair having less oil. However, washing your hair a minimum of a couple of times per week will keep it looking healthy. Men should use a moisturizing conditioner due to wavy hair being a bit drier than straight hair.

Men's Hairstyles for Thin Curly Hair

Men who have curly hair have hair that is dryer than straight or wavy hair. However, curly hair will possess more natural volume due to the lack of oil that weighs down straight or wavy hair.

Men who have curly hair should embrace the natural bounce and versatility it provides in styling thinning hair.

Curly Tapered

Man in a sweater and curly hair with a slight smile demonstrating a curly taper hairstyle for men who have curly hair that is thinning

One of the best hairstyles men can consider if they have thinning, curly hair is a curly tapered cut. This type of style gives men a modern yet clean and sophisticated look that is flattering for many men. It works exceptionally well for men who are thinning because it helps to camouflage areas by adding texture and definition, while still offering the ability to keep the hair looking neat.

Disheveled Curly Mop

Man in a brown button up shirt with glasses who has curly hair demonstrating a curly mop hairstyle for men who have thin, curly hair

For men with thinning, curly hair, a disheveled mop hairstyle can be a great solution. This style adds volume and gives men with thinning tresses the opportunity to embrace their curls. Not only does this look stylish and full of attitude, but it also creates a trendy and practical way to slim down the appearance of thinning hair.

Curly Fade

Man in a peach sweatshirt with curly hair demonstrating a curly fade hairstyle for men who have curly, thin hair

A curly fade hairstyle is a great option for men with thinning, curly hair. The layered look of this hairstyle helps create structure and definition, as well as provides an opportunity to style the hair in different ways depending on personalities and preferences. Additionally, men who choose this look have the option of using shorter clippers or scissors that won't disrupt their natural curls, allowing for fullness that might otherwise be lost due to natural thinning.

Curly Side Swept 

Man in a plaid shirt and scarf with long red beard and curly hair smiling demonstrating a side swept hairstyle for men with thinning hair

The curly side swept hairstyle is a great way to look your best for the men out there dealing with thinning hair. This versatile and classic style is a great choice for those wanting to add more body and movement to their look. This style can effortlessly frame your face, making you look refreshed and confident. The fringe created at the front also helps create a fuller appearance that softens the entire look of your hairline for a sleek, balanced finish. Best of all, this easy-to-achieve style can be yours in minutes!

Curly Fringe

Man in a shirt, tie, and sport coat demonstrating a curly fringe hairstyle for men who have curly hair that is thinning

Men with curly hair that is thinning can benefit greatly from sporting a curly fringe hairstyle. This great hairstyle works especially well with men whose hairline is receding. The longer curls around the face draw attention away from the thinner sections of the hair and emphasize the volume of the overall cut.

Styling Aids for Men's Thin Curly Hair

Men who have thin, curly hair can achieve their styling goals by effectively choosing the correct hair product. The use of a Texture Cream can help make thinner hair look denser by complimenting the hair's natural volume. In addition, the use of a Styling Clay will offer a stronger hold while adding definition to the natural curls and is a low-maintenance option for men who desire a matte look and have thin, curly hair.

Pro Tip-

Curly hair is a dryer hair type than straight type 1 or wavy type 2 men's hair. Using a medium shine product that adds to the natural volume of the hair such as a Texture Cream or Clay Pomade will offer flexibility, pliability, and hold while making the hair appear healthy.

Maintenance Tips for Thin Curly Hair

Curly hair responds well to moisture so shampoo at least a couple of times per week. Using a moisturizing conditioner on curly hair is important as it is prone to damage due to its natural dryness.

Men's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair by Hair Texture

Men's Hairstyles for Thin Coarse Hair

Men with thin hair can also have thick hair. Make sense? Let us explain. It is possible to have thin, thick hair. Remember, thin hair means that the hair strands are located farther apart showing a thin or thinning hair appearance. Thick hair is in reference to the circumference of the hair. Thick hair is coarse and generally responds well to styling aids. However, it is also prone to frizz.

Thick Slick Back 

Man in a white shirt and beard with sand blonde hair demonstrating a slick back hairstyle for men with coarse, thinning hair

For men with thinning, coarse hair, a slick back hairstyle can be a great way to add structure and volume while keeping things simple. This look is all about empowering men to take control of their hair and tailoring it to fit their style. By using lightweight styling products like creams and clays men can get an excellent hold without weighing down hair or drawing attention to receding hairlines. With proper maintenance, this versatile cut allows men to switch up their hairstyle and even change up their length as needed all while maintaining a timeless look.

Thin Pompadour 

Man in a blue blazer and tee shirt demonstrating a pompadour hairstyle for men who have thinning hair that is coarse
Men with coarse and thinning hair can find styling solutions with a pompadour hairstyle. This hip men's style, which was popularized in the 1950's, is a flattering look for men of all ages. The protruding top of the pompadour helps to create a denser-looking appearance, while also offering creative options for men who want to experiment with their look.


Man in a blue suit with dark hair and dark complexion demonstrating a bedhead hairstyle for men with thin, coarse hair

The men's bedhead hairstyle is an ideal option for men with thinning, coarse hair as it offers both style and practicality. By combining the classic thick, tousled look with a bit of product to tame any flyways, men can get all the benefits of having an edgy cut without having to worry about looking like their hair is too thin.

Thick Fade 

A man in a black shirt demonstrating a fade hairstyle for men who have coarse, thinning hair

A thick fade hairstyle can be a great option for men who have coarse hair that is thinning. The great thing about this look is that its gradual fading effect creates the illusion of more fullness and hides areas of less hair density. In addition, the gradient blending style offers men more flexibility when styling their hair, allowing for an infinite variety of textures and looks. This can dramatically improve men's self-confidence by offering some relief from the unwelcome signs of thinning hair.

Sweeping Fringe

Man in a black button down shirt and facial hair demonstrating a fringe hairstyle for men who have coarse hair that is thinning

Sweeping fringe hairstyles are an increasingly popular men's fashion trend and may also benefit men whose hair is thinning. By creating a sweeping fringe, men can help disguise their receding hairline and make their thin hair look more voluminous. This style is especially helpful for men with coarse hair as it softens the edges of the face without the need for multiple products. Not only does a sweeping fringe hairstyle create an attractive aesthetic, but it could help men feel comfortable and confident in their appearance despite having thinning hair.

Styling Aids for Men's Thin Coarse Hair

Men with thin hair that has a thick texture will want to focus on adding volume to the hair as well as reducing frizz that is associated with thick hair textures.

To achieve this, apply a Sea Salt Spray as a priming agent to damp towel-dried hair. Sea salt spray will add volume to thinning hair while taming frizz for coarse hair. Men who desire a medium-shine product that offers a medium hold should choose a Texture Cream or a Clay Pomade. These products offer flexibility without adding weight. Men who prefer a matte finish should use a Styling Clay as this product will offer a medium to strong hold with flexibility.

Due to the thin hair element, men should avoid products that add weight such as oil-based pomades as well as thick hair gels

Pro Tip-

Men who have coarse, thin hair have hair that handles the use of hair products well and resists breakage. Focus on adding volume to the hair by using a sea salt spray and heat styling. This will also tame unwanted frizz. Add a touch of Texture Cream to create an all day strong style suitable for any occasion. 

Maintenance Tips for Thin Coarse Hair

Men who have coarse, thinning hair should use a light leave-in conditioner that will help tame fly-aways, keep frizz at bay, hydrate their scalp and improve overall manageability. To promote strong healthy growth men should incorporate a weekly deep conditioning treatment which will provide much-needed nourishment and moisture to the scalp.

Men's Hairstyles for Thin Fine Hair

Men who have hair that is thinning and a fine hair texture need to focus on adding body, volume, and definition to the hair. Fine hair textures lay close to the scalp because they are the oiliest of all hair textures.

The combination of thinning and fine hair may be the most difficult combination to style. However, it offers undeniable sophistication once the look or style is dialed in.

Classic Side-Part

Man in a blue suit with slight facial hair demonstrating a classic side part hairstyle for men with fine, thinning hair

A side-part hairstyle is a timeless men's look that works especially well for men who are losing hair density. This hairstyle helps disguise thinning hair by camouflaging the scalp and shifting attention away from areas of baldness or thinning. With proper maintenance and subtle adjustments to the size of the part, men can enjoy a style that looks presentable while also accommodating the effects of male pattern baldness. The classic side part is truly an ideal solution for men who want to stay looking their best despite hair loss and thinning.

Textured Comb-Over 

Man in a black overcoat with a sophisticated face demonstrating a textured comb-over hairstyle for men who have fine, thinning hair

Men with thinning, fine hair can reap the many benefits of a textured comb-over hairstyle. Not only does this hairstyle look polished and professional, but it also helps men to mask the appearance of their thinning hair by adding more volume and depth to the style. By strategically placing longer pieces of hair back and down on top of their heads, men can also create more height around the crown area. This method can help men to draw attention away from any problem areas by accentuating desired areas. Additionally, men can experiment with different lengths to achieve additional movement or texture.

Mid Fade 

Man in a blue suit with a red tie and dark hair demonstrating a fade hairstyle for men who have thin, fine hair

Men with thinning, fine hair can often find the perfect style in a fade. Not only is a fade low maintenance and easy to keep up with regular trims, but it also helps men achieve the look of denser hair. This type of hairstyle has been very popular in recent years due to its versatility. The fade can range from a drop fade to a tapered fade. This style demonstrates that even thinning hair can be cut into an attractive style that requires minimal upkeep while providing ample coverage.

Swept Back Side Fade

Man in a tuxedo with stubble facial hair demonstrating a faded brush back hairstyle for men who have thin, fine hair

The swept back fade hairstyle is a great option for men with thinning or fine hair. It offers the convenience of a low-maintenance style and can help add volume to your look. By combing your hair back, you can camouflage any low density hair areas. The faded sides also help draw attention away from the top of the head, while at the same time adding a contemporary and stylish element. The swept back fade hairstyle is an excellent way to highlight fine hair that is thinning hair while still achieving an attractive look.

Faux Hawk 

Man in a white shirt with sand blonde hair smiling demonstrating a faux hawk hairstyle for men who have fine, thinning hair

The faux hawk is fashionable and versatile hairstyle and it gives men different ways to stylize it according to their needs as well as adding several functional benefits. By cutting the sides of your head lower than the center, your hair is given added lift and extra volume. This can help draw attention away from thinning hair and make it look denser. The faux hawk also helps enhance facial features, like the cheekbones and jawline. With this hairstyle, you are guaranteed to look stylish!

Styling Aids for Men's Thin Fine Hair

Fine hair, due to its circumference, is oily. The natural oil from the scalp adds unwanted weight which makes the hair appear lifeless. To combat this issue, focus on using styling aids that provide volume and texture to the hair. Men should apply a Sea Salt Spray to damp, towel-dried hair and gently blow dry. This will result in denser or a fuller hair appearance. Men can also utilize a lightweight Texture Cream. This is a water-based product that offers flexibility to the hair as well as a medium hold and shine. Additionally, men can use a Styling Clay for added volume and definition. This product offers a higher hold with a matte finish.

Men should stay clear of heavy balms, oil-based pomades, hair gels, as well as pastes as they can add weight which is counterproductive to the look trying to be achieved.

Pro Tip-

Men who have thin fine hair can add a further dimension to their look by growing facial hair. Facial hair may be used to complement and add depth to the desired appearance for men with thin fine hair by accentuating facial features.

Maintenance Tips for Thin Fine Hair

Fine hair is generally oily due to its small circumference. Men with fine hair should shampoo often to keep their hair looking healthy. The use of a moisturizing conditioner a couple of times per week will also help in keeping thin fine hair looking well cared for.

Older Men's Hairstyles for Thin Hair

As mentioned, men often experience a loss of density in their hair as they age due to shrinking or miniaturizing hair follicles due to the formation of dihydrotestosterone. Another change that men encounter in the aging process is the change in their hair color.

As men grow older, their hair can begin to turn gray. This is caused by the production of hydrogen peroxide in the hairs that occurs naturally as men age. Hydrogen peroxide produces a natural bleaching effect on melanin, which weakens and disrupts new hair from growing in its original color. As a result, more gray hairs are more likely to appear as men go through their life stages.

Long Top Low Taper Fade

Mature man with gray hair and long styled gray beard demonstrating a long top tapered sides hairstyle for men with thin hair

The long top taper fade hairstyle can be a great solution for men experiencing thinning hair. Not only does this style create a modern look, but it also helps accentuate thicker patches of hair on the top of your scalp. The taper fade around the edges of your hair allows for an edgier, low-maintenance look that requires less upkeep in general. Grow a long, amazing beard for extra awesomeness and you have a style that can't be duplicated.

Short Faux Hawk Style

Older man in a dark blue suit and gray hair demonstrating a short faux hawk hairstyle for older men with thinning hair

This look provides an edgy look that gives an extra boost of confidence and adds flair to any style. It's also an easy way for men to make thinning hair less noticeable. With the faux hawk look, the sides are kept short and neat while the top is slightly longer and spiked up, creating a unique contrast.

Ivy League 

Mature gentleman with white hair and beard in a gray sport coat demonstrating an ivy league hairstyle for men who are older with thinning hair

The classic ivy league hairstyle offers the benefit of being low-maintenance without sacrificing any aesthetic appeal. It is also versatile enough that it can be dressed up should you need to look more formal or can remain relaxed on more casual occasions. In either case, it is the ideal haircut for men who want to keep their thinning hair looking healthy and trendy.

Relaxed Tapered Comb Over 

Mature gentleman in a white shirt with gray hair demonstrating a relaxed tapered comb-over for older men who have thinning hair

The relaxed tapered comb over is the perfect hairstyle for those looking to keep their hair stylish and manageable as it begins to thin. This haircut looks great on all face shapes and textures of hair, and its low-maintenance nature allows for more time to focus on other elements of one’s life. This hairstyle will help offset the gradual loss of hair on the crown, bringing focus to an edgier style that goes along with the maturity of a more distinguished look.

Swept-Back Style 

Mature man dressed in a blue suit with gray hair demonstrating a brushed back hairstyle for older men with thinning hair

The swept-back hairstyle for men with thinning hair is an excellent option as it has a dual purpose. It transfers focus away from the crown of the head while making use of long strands of hair that remain on the sides and back. Not only is it a stylish look, but it's also less maintenance than other haircuts as well.

Styling Aids for Older Men's Thin Hair

Older men with thin hair can achieve a professional yet trendy style with the help of the correct styling aids. Gray hair has a coarse or thick texture which means that it will respond well to hair products. However, since it is thin, adding volume and definition is still the name of the game.

Using a Sea Salt Spray in combination with a light Texture Cream or Clay Pomade will provide balance, volume, definition, and hold. Gentlemen who prefer a matte finish can experience the benefits of a Styling Clay.

Pro Tip-

Men should steer clear of products that are thick and heavy once applied. These products include heavy-hold gels, oil-based pomades, as well as thick pastes and balms as they will add weight. This can make the thin hair appear worse.

Maintenance Tips for Older Men's Thin Hair

Thick gray hair textures should shampoo and condition at least a couple of times per week. A moisturizing conditioner is important to resist hair damage and to reduce frizz.


The problem to solve is that most hairstyle information available is aimed at men with dense hair. Hair density is defined as the number of hair strands present per square inch of the scalp. As men age, there is often a shift from hair that is high in density to hair that has a lower density. The fact is that nearly 40% of men will experience a degree of thinning hair by the age of 35.

Additionally, it can be difficult for men with thin hair to find solutions to their styling needs due to a lack of information on hair type and hair texture. Hair type and hair texture play an important role in determining the correct haircut to capture the style you desire.

Men's Hair Types:

  • Straight or Type 1
  • Wavy or Type 2
  • Curly or Type 3
  • Coily (Kinky) or Type 4

Men's Hair Textures:

  • Fine - a
  • Normal - b
  • Thick - c

Speakeasy Brand's Hair Type Chart for Men

Furthermore, it may be even more difficult to find explanations of the correct styling aids to use to achieve their styling goals as well as desired look. Men who have thinning hair should choose styling aids that provide volume and definition to the hair and steer clear of products that add weight as this will make the issue worse.

Men who experience hair loss issues may feel different emotions. This article was written to provide solutions to the issues men face with thinning hair. Remember:

  • Set styling goals by researching the type of style and men's haircuts you feel match your personality.
  • To choose the best hairstyles for thin hair, men should have an understanding of hair density, hair types, and hair texture. Knowing these three concepts can help men know which hairstyle to choose and which high-quality hair products to purchase to get the desired look they want by using our tips to style thinning hair. Use the correct styling products with the right styling methods and you will achieve your styling goals!
  • Choosing the right hairstyle also consists of choosing the right haircut. Men should seek advice from their local Cosmetologist or Barber for the best haircuts for their hair type, hair density, and hair texture when dealing with thin hair.

To simplify the process, we have created our styling aid guide which aims to help men choose the best styling aids based on their unique characteristics.

Speakeasy Brand's Styling Aid Guide for Men

Men can also utilize our free hair questionnaire that will recommend the best styling aids based on their individual characteristics.

We have reviewed some of the best haircuts and hairstyles for men with thinning hair. From short hairstyles to men's medium-length hairstyles to long hairstyles, there are options to achieve the look and style you desire and deserve! Remember, all men are unique and our "look" is only a small part of who we are. Enjoy the journey and have a lot of fun along the way!

Whichever style you choose, wear it with confidence. You certainly have earned it.



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