Men's Hair Porosity | Expert Tips To Get the Style You Deserve

Men's Hair Porosity | Expert Tips To Get the Style You Deserve

Gents, have you ever tried a hair product only to experience that it feels like the product does not absorb into the hair or that certain products make the hair feel damp? Have you not been able to capture the hairstyle you want? You are not alone.

Men's hair porosity is a little-known term that affects the way that men can style their hair. However, most men are not familiar with the term "hair porosity" and how it affects the way they can style their hair. 

Once men know their hair's porosity, it's much easier to find styles and products that work best for them. With the right information, they can take control of their style and get the look they have always wanted.

In this article, our experts will detail what hair porosity is, how to determine it, and how it plays a role in selecting the best hairstyle as well as styling aids for men.

What is Men's Hair Porosity?

Porosity is a measure of how well the hair can absorb and retain moisture. Men who have hair that is highly porous have hair that absorbs moisture easily but also loses moisture quickly. This can lead to dry, brittle, and damaged hair.

On the contrary, if men have low-porosity hair, it means that their hair strands do not take in moisture as readily but also does not let go of moisture rapidly. Therefore, low-porosity hair is typically more lustrous and less fragile.

There are a few factors that can affect the hair's porosity, including genetics, chemical treatments, and heat damage. If men have naturally oily or curly hair, they are more likely to have high-porosity hair. This is because the natural oils in the hair help to keep the cuticle raised, which allows moisture to enter the hair strand more easily. Chemical treatments like coloring or straightening can also damage the cuticle and increase porosity. Heat damage from styling tools can also make the hair more porous.

Hair porosity is broken down into three levels: high, medium, and low.

Speakeasy Brand's guide for men's hair porosity

Men's High-Porosity Hair Characteristics

High-porosity hair is hair that has high levels of porosity which means the hair absorbs moisture easily. Highly porous hair means that the hair cuticle is raised and the cortex is exposed. This can happen because of damage to the hair such as from heat styling or chemical processing. It can also be a result of genetics.

Men with high-porosity hair may find that their hair is more prone to tangling, frizzing, and breaking. They may also notice that their hair does not retain moisture as well as it should. Luckily, there are ways to manage high-porosity hair.

Using products that are specifically designed for high-porosity hair can help to seal the cuticle and prevent moisture from escaping. Deep conditioning treatments can also help to hydrate and strengthen the hair. With proper care, men with high porosity hair can achieve healthy, shiny, and manageable locks.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of high hair porosity for men

Caring for Men's High-Porosity Hair

High-porosity hair is more susceptible to damage from heat, chemicals, and other environmental factors. To care for high-porosity hair, men should use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and they should avoid using heat styling tools, as this can further damage the hair. Instead, they should allow the hair to air dry or use a diffuser when blow drying on a low heat setting.

In addition, they should use a leave-in conditioner or oil treatment to help add and retain moisture and shine.

By following these tips, men can create a hair care routine to help keep their high-porosity hair healthy and strong.

Styling Aids for Men's High-Porosity Hair

Men who have high-porosity hair know that finding the right styling aids can be a challenge. They need something that will provide enough hold without weighing the hair down and something that won't disappear after a few hours. Fortunately, there are a few great options out there for men with high-porosity hair.

Texture creams are a great way to add definition and control frizz without making the hair feel stiff or crunchy. Texture Creams can also help to tame unruly flyaways and add a hint of shine. Men who are looking for a versatile styling aid that will help them achieve any look would be satisfied with a texture cream.

Another amazing option is a styling clay. This hair product can help add volume and definition to the hair without weighing it down. When applied to damp hair, the clay will help to absorb excess oil and give the hair a natural-looking matte finish.

Pomades are a type of hair styling aid that can be very helpful for men with high-porosity hair. Pomade can help to tame frizz and give hair a smoother, more polished look. It can also help to hold styles in place due to its high hold, making it a great option for men who want to achieve a sleek, stylish look.

Men's Medium-Porosity Hair Characteristics

Medium or normal-porosity hair is somewhere in the middle of high and low hair porosity; it’s not too difficult to moisturize, but it doesn’t hold on to moisture for very long.

When it comes to men’s hair, normal-porosity hair is the most common type. This means that while it is not overly difficult to keep the hair moisturized, it is important to use products that will help to lock in hydration. Loss of moisture in the hair is often caused by damage to the hair shaft, such as from chemical treatments or excessive heat styling.

In addition, regular trims are necessary to prevent split ends and other damage. By taking care of medium-porosity hair, men can keep their hair looking healthy and stylish.

Speakeasy Brand's illustration of normal hair porosity for men

Caring for Men's Medium-Porosity Hair

Normal-porosity hair is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between low and high hair porosity with cuticles that lie flat but are not too tightly sealed. This type of hair is relatively easy to manage, but there are still a few things men should keep in mind to keep their locks healthy and happy.

When it comes to drying, normal-porosity hair can benefit from both air-drying and blow-drying. Men who prefer to heat style should use a diffuser to prevent further damage to the hair shaft which can result in a loss of moisture in the hair.

Styling Aids for Men's Medium-Porosity Hair

For men with normal-porosity hair, a pomade can be a great styling aid. Pomades contain ingredients that provide a stronger hold to help to hold the hair in place, giving men the ability to create a variety of looks with higher shine. Whether men are looking for a classic slick back or something different, a pomade can help them achieve the look they are after.

For men with normal-porosity hair, a texture cream is a great choice as it adds definition, volume, and control while also providing a natural hold. In addition, texture cream is easy to apply and can be used on both damp and dry hair. As a result, it is an excellent choice for men who are looking for a versatile styling aid that will help them create a variety of looks.

Styling clay is another great option for men with normal-porosity hair. This type of product can help to add definition and texture while providing a medium hold. Styling clay is also effective at controlling frizz and flyaways. To use, simply apply a small amount into damp or dry hair, then style as desired. Styling Clay also offers a matte finish which some men prefer.

Clay Pomade is a styling aid that is perfect for normal-porosity hair as it provides just the right amount of control and hold. Simply apply a small amount into damp or dry hair, style as desired, and enjoy the results. Clay Pomade offers a matte finish with pliability.

Sea salt spray is a versatile styling aid that works especially well on normal-porosity hair. Sea Salt Spray helps to add volume and texture making it a great option for men who want to create a fuller and denser look. For best results, use a blow dryer to set your style. Sea salt spray can be used alone or used as a foundation for other men's styling products such as a texture cream or styling clay.

Men's Low-Porosity Hair Characteristics

Low-porosity hair has cuticles that lie flat against the shaft of the hair. This type of hair does not absorb moisture as easily as other porosity types and can be more difficult to style. Low-porosity hair is often characterized by being shiny and sleek, with a healthy-looking bounce.

Men with low-porosity hair may find that their hair is more resistant to styling products and treatments and that it takes longer for their hair to air dry. While low-porosity hair can be more challenging to care for, it is also more resilient and less likely to be damaged by heat styling or harsh chemicals. As a result, men with low-porosity hair can often enjoy healthy, good-looking hair with minimal effort.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of low hair porosity for men

Caring for Men's Low-Porosity Hair

Men with low-porosity hair often find that their hair is difficult to style and manage. The cuticles of low-porosity hair are tightly sealed which prevents moisture and oils from being able to penetrate the hair shaft. This can leave the hair feeling lifeless.

To care for low-porosity hair, it is important to use products that will help to open the cuticles and allow moisture to enter the hair shaft. One way to do this is to use a clarifying shampoo every week. This type of shampoo will help remove build-up from the hair, and it will also open the cuticles so that moisture can be added.

In addition, it is important to use a deep conditioner regularly. A deep conditioner will help to hydrate the hair and make it more manageable.

Finally, it is important to use a leave-in conditioner or serum to seal in moisture and prevent the hair from becoming dry and brittle.

By following these tips, men with low-porosity hair can maintain healthy, hydrated, and manageable hair.

Styling Aids for Men's Low-Porosity Hair

There are a few styling aids that can help to give low-porosity hair the lift and volume it desires. Styling clay is one of these products. Unlike a mousse or gel, which can weigh down low-porosity hair, clay provides moderate hold without making the hair feel sticky or crunchy. In addition, styling clay can help add texture and definition to low-porosity hair making it easier to style.

Clay pomade is a men's styling aid that can be very helpful for those with low-porosity hair. Low-porosity hair is more resistant to moisture and products, so it can be difficult to style. Clay pomade can help provide definition and control without weighing the hair down. It can also help to absorb excess oil and build-up, which can make low-porosity hair look dull and lifeless.

Texture cream is a type of styling aid that can be used to create several different styles. It is especially well-suited for men with low-porosity hair as it helps to add definition and volume. Texture cream can be applied to damp or dry hair and can be used on its own or in conjunction with other styling products such as a sea salt spray.

What is the Best Method to Detect Men's Hair Porosity?

One of the best methods to determine how well hair will hold onto moisture is to test its porosity. As previously mentioned, porosity is a measure of how well  hair can absorb and retain moisture. Although many factors can affect porosity, it is generally determined by the structure of your hair shaft.

If the hair shaft is smooth and compact, it will have low-porosity and will be more resistant to moisture. On the other hand, if the hair shaft is porous and open, it will have high-porosity and will be more susceptible to moisture.

One simple way to measure hair porosity is to take a strand of your hair and place it in a bowl or cup of water.

  • Hair that sinks to the bottom of the bowl or cup quickly has high-porosity.
  • Hair that floats for a while before it sinks to the bottom has medium-porosity.
  • Hair that floats on the surface of the water has low-porosity.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of how to test men's hair porosity using a float test method

Hair porosity is an important element when dealing with styling and maintaining the health of the hair. However, there are more factors involved. Knowledge of hair type and hair texture are important as well for men to achieve the style they deserve.

What is the Importance of Men's Hair Types?

Many men are unaware of the different types of hair that they can have. While straight hair is the most common type, there are also those with wavy, curly, or kinky hair.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of men's hair types

Each type of men's hair has its unique properties, and knowing which type of hair men have can help them to choose the right hairstyle and styling products. 

Men's Straight Hair or Type 1 Hair

Straight hair is characterized by being oily because the oil from the scalp has a direct pathway to the tip end of the hair. Men with straight hair often have smooth hair to the touch. This type of hair is tolerant to a wide variety of styling aid products.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of a straight men's hair type

Men's Wavy Hair or Type 2 Hair

Wavy hair is characterized by having an "S" shape and is not as oily as straight hair. Wavy hair is often seen as a desirable hair type for men because it is versatile and has more natural volume than straight hair.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of a men's wavy hair type

Men's Curly Hair or Type 3 Hair

Curly hair is drier than straight and wavy hair due to the curl pattern. Oil from the scalp has a difficult path to travel to the tip end of the hair. Curly hair has natural volume but is prone to frizz and breakage.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of a curly hair type for men

Men's Kinky Hair or Type 4 Hair

Kinky hair is the driest and most tightly curled of all men's hair types. It is also the most fragile, so it needs to be treated with gentle products. Kinky hair has a "zig-zag" pattern associated with it.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of a men's kinky hair type

For a detailed description of all men's hair types as well as styling aid choices for each hair type, please view this informative article.

Men's Hair Texture

Hair texture equals hair thickness or circumference of an individual strand of hair. Hair texture is classified into three categories: fine, medium, and thick.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of men's hair textures

Men's Fine Hair Texture

Fine hair has the smallest circumference of all hair textures. It is oily and because of the oil it lays close to the scalp and is limp in appearance. Fine hair texture is also the most fragile hair texture for men.

Speakeasy Brand's illustration of men's fine hair texture

Men's Medium Hair Texture

Medium hair is the most common hair texture in men. It is between fine and thick hair textures.

Speakeasy Brand's illustration of men's normal or medium hair texture

Men's Thick Hair Texture

Thick hair has the largest circumference of the three textures of hair. Thick hair is coarse and is prone to frizz.

 Speakeasy Brand's illustration of a thick men's hair texture

For more details on men's hair texture as well as styling aid choices for fine, normal, and thick men's hair please read this article.

Hair type, hair texture, and hair porosity play a role in choosing hairstyles for men. In addition, knowledge of these factors also assists in selecting the correct hair styling and maintenance products to purchase to keep the hair looking healthy and nourished.


Hair porosity is the hair's ability to retain moisture and is an important factor in both hair maintenance and men's hairstyling.

Men can test high or low-porosity very easily in the comfort of their own homes by conducting a simple float test.

Fill a cup of water and place a single strand of hair in the cup.

  • Hair that sinks to the bottom of the cup of water quickly has high-porosity.
  • Hair that floats in the water for a while before it sinks to the bottom has medium-porosity.
  • Hair that floats on the surface of the water has low-porosity.

The float test will give results to the hair's porosity level which can help men determine the best products for their unique hair care regimen.

In addition, men need to have an understanding of their hair type as this will also affect which hairstyles they can choose as well as the best products to style and maintain their hair.

Men's hair types are classified as straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. Each type of hair has its unique characteristics, and the best styles and products will vary depending on the hair type.

For example, those with straight hair may want to use a styling product that adds texture and volume, while those with curly hair may need a product that helps to control frizz. Choosing the right style and products for your hair type can help you achieve the look you desire.

Men's hair texture is an important factor to consider when choosing hairstyles and hair styling aids. Fine men's hair textures tend to be fragile and easily damaged, so it requires extra care when choosing styles and products. Products that work well for fine men's hair textures include styling creams and sea salt sprays as they provide the volume fine hair craves.

Normal men's hair textures are strong and versatile and they can be styled in a variety of ways. Products that work well for normal men's hair textures include pomades, clays, waxes, and texturizing sprays.

Coarse or thick men's hair textures are the strongest and most resilient, so they can withstand more aggressive styling. Products that work well for coarse men's hair textures include heavy-hold gels, pomades, clays, and waxes. When choosing a style or product, men should take their hair texture into account to achieve the best results.


To help simplify the process, we have created the ultimate men's hair product styling guide. After identifying which hair type and texture men have, they can then see which products will produce the best results for the hair type and texture they have.

Speakeasy Brand's Styling Aid Guide for men

Regardless of these factors, there is a style out there for any man. They should wear it with confidence. They certainly have earned it.

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