Fragrances for Men

Two casually dressed men smelling Speakeasy Brand's Debonair fragrance for men's hair styling aids in an urban setting

Speakeasy Brand's styling aids and beard care products for men are available in two amazing fragrances for men: Old Sport and Debonair.

Old Sport is a men’s fragrance that exudes a classy style and grace.  Old Sport fragrance from Speakeasy Brand includes notes of bitter citrus, spicy floral, woodsy musk, hints of pepper mint, sweet herbs, green fields, and a pinch of patchouli. 

Top Notes: salted grapefruit, fresh, aqueous, cool fern

Middle Notes: damp moss, cedar leaf, mahogany

Base Notes: amber, vanilla, warming musk

Well, hello there “Old Sport.” We are happy to see you. The sincere term “Old Sport” was widely used during the roaring 20’s as term used for equality, friendship, and endearment amongst friends and colleagues.

One hundred years later, the term may have faded in use but not in relevance. 

The Old Sport gentleman is loyal, committed, chivalrous, possesses strength, and is sincere. He is no man truer than himself as he is secure, is self-confident, and exudes mystery with absolutely no limitations.  We honor those gentlemen who strive for greatness and are happy to be a small part of your journey.

Debonair is a men’s fragrance that has stood the test of time. Debonair is a fragrance that possesses notes of sweet orange citrus, warm cinnamon spice, woodsy floral musk, hints of mint, and patchouli.

Top Notes: aqueous, marine, lavender, bergamont

Middle Notes: woody patchouli, cedar, oakmoss

Base Notes: spicy clove, musk, amber

The Debonair gentleman by Speakeasy Brand has the charisma of walking into a gathering and instantly becoming the life of the party.  The Debonair gentleman breeds fun, sophistication, excitement, and charm.  He is polished, well mannered, and gracious.

The word Debonair originally was used as early as the 1600’s to describe “of good appearance” and has taken on expanded meanings over time. We chose the fragrance name “Debonair” as it perfectly describes the pursuit of being a well-rounded gentleman. As the description of Debonair has evolved over time, so have gentlemen.  We salute you for your pursuit of excellence.