About Us

Four gentlemen with serious demeanor leaning on a brick wall downtown wearing Speakeasy Brand's hair and beard products for men

It all started with an idea.  Most "business" ideas do, right? Absolutely. However, this business idea had a deeper reason.  It had a deeper "why" that resided behind it.  Let us explain.

Men's Den, Inc. is a Fine Salon & Spa for Gentlemen located in Fort Wayne, IN.  The salon and spa for men houses not only industry leading services specially for men, but also an amazing group of team members who have a deep appreciation for their clients as well as their client needs. Consistently, we heard feedback over the years that there was a gap.  The gap separated what their clients wanted and what they could provide for them.

Clients wanted unique hair and beard products that fit their needs.  Instead, what we had to offer were "me too" products that were not conducive to their needs.  The products were heavy, didn't wash out cleanly, and didn't smell pleasant.  Moreover, our clients didn't have the opportunity to provide any input on the products they were using.  

Enter our business idea.  It all came into focus.  We, as a company, had to fill this gap that was growing wider by the day.  More importantly, we also found our "why." Our why was always client driven.  However, now it had a deeper meaning.  We had to develop our own branded grooming line of hair and beard products for men. In addition, we had to provide a platform to inspire growth in gentlemen. We had to fill this gap.

The vision was simple.  Create not a product line rather a line of products for hair, beard, and body that created a sense of exclusivity for the modern gentleman.  After nearly three years of research and development to ensure our products were perfect, we are excited to introduce Speakeasy Brand, Fine Grooming for Gentlemen.  Our hair and beard products were created by a Cosmetologist with over 30 years experience in the men's grooming market.  Throughout our journey a natural brotherhood was formed. A brotherhood where gentlemen can talk and consult with like minded individuals in managing life events. Our vision became a reality.

Speakeasy Brand is used by professionals on clients every day.  We have created a foundation built on client feedback in order to improve.  We simply didn’t slap a label on a product and call it ours as many companies do.  Rather, our products were built from the ground up with the assistance of you, our clients.  Speakeasy Brand is a line of products that are multilayered and that will continue to evolve as gentlemen evolve.  

Speakeasy Brand was created to fill the gaps that other product manufacturers created. It was created to support gentlemen to in their pursuit of excellence. It was created to build a sense of brotherhood. It was created so that your voice may be heard.  See, Speakeasy Brand is an innovative world class hair, beard, and body brand but it is also much more.  Speakeasy Brand is a lifestyle.  We invite you to the Speakeasy Brand lifestyle and to travel the journey that awaits.

Speakeasy Brand is the end result of a vision that we poured our hearts and souls into.  We are proud of what we have developed to close the gap.  However, we will never stop evolving or growing.  Quite simply, if we did, we would be failing you, our valued clients.  This is our commitment to you.  As you strive for greatness every day, so shall we.  You, the client, are our inspiration.